Bigg Boss 10 November 17 highlights


Bigg Boss 10 house is the house for new controversies. The two women Bani and Lopamudra are always on the look-out for an opportunity to lash out at each other. Anything is possible in the Bigg Boss 10 house but expecting friendship between Bani and Lopamudra is just beyond imagination.

Recently, while choosing the four names for the battle of captaincy, Bani took Lopamudra’s name as one of the poor entertainers. In the case of nothing else, Bani could have demonstrated some sportsmanship as we as a whole observed Lopamudra drinking a container brimming with astringent juice to win her group six focuses. Be that as it may, Bani’s vote didn’t have any kind of effect as all other colleagues took Lokesh and Bani’s name for poor execution.

Swami Om’s system in the amusement is clear. His strange and chafing tricks start a day after designations and reach an end a day prior to Weekend Ka Vaar. Recently, Swami apologized to Manveer, Manoj, and Mona Lisa. He said his outrage resemble a rise of water, it remains just for some time and he doesn’t ha anything against the trio in his heart. In spite of the fact that Manveer and Manoj excused Swami however Mona Lisa did not acknowledge his statements of regret.

The whole house is against Bani for she didn’t deal with the house well amid her residency as the skipper of the house. Lopamudra, Manveer, and Manoj talked about how is she depicting herself on the national TV. Manoj proceeded to state that close to hundred individuals take after the show and the individuals who do will comprehend that it is just the ordinary people in the house who are accomplishing something on the show.

Rohan wins captaincy over Lopamudra as he figured out how to draw in more votes. Be that as it may, the initial couple of hours of his captaincy get a tempest the house. He requests that Lokesh move to another bed as he needs his bad habit chief Bani J to rest close to his bed. Lokesh strikes back and tells Rohan that she is no child to not comprehend his amusement. Indeed, even Lopamudra declines to rest next to Bani. Fits of rage of the young ladies disturb Rohan and he loses his cool.

Manoj Punjabi prodded Mona Lisa as he felt that Mona felt uncertain and envious when both Manveer and Manoj lifted Lopamudra in their arms to praise her win over Karan in the pot-adjusting errand. Mona Lisa grinned and said that she won’t stare at the TV once she will retreat home as she wouldn’t like to get hurt with their activities in the house.