Bieber hits a photographer with his car!


Controversy’s favourite kid Justin Bieber is in the news once more. The International pop sensation accidentally ran his car on a photographer leaving him with minor wounds near Los Angeles on Thursday.

The 57-year-old victim was hurried to the nearest healing center quickly with non-threatening wounds, a Beverly Hills police detective Chris Coulter told a leading newswire. Justin immediately took care of the photographer while sitting tight for the emergency services to arrive.

Justin Bieber “was helpful and was released,” Coulter said. No citations were issued at the scene. Maurice Lamont, the mishap victim posted an Instagram video from his healing center bed saying he wished no ill will on the pop star.

‘He (Bieber) got out, he was compassionate. He’s a good child. Mishaps happen,’ the photographer said in a video

The mischance occurred as Bieber was pulling out his auto from the parking lot after attending church services, which he began to diligently, attend 2 years back. ‘I think the truck was a little bit too big for him though because there’s no way he could see over the front. It was the slope it was on,’ the photographer said in his video message.

It was reported for not long ago that Justin Bieber has wiped out his upcoming shows from the Purpose Tour Concert citing “unforeseen circumstances” as reasons.