BHUBANESWAR: Woman allegedly killed as family fails to give new notes in dowry


BHUBANESWAR: A newly-married woman was brutally killed by her in-laws at Rangipur area of Bhubaneswar. The reports revealed that woman’s father failed to give dowry of Rs 1.70 lakh in new currency.

The couples tied knot with each other on November 9, a day after PM Narendra Modi took demonetisation move.

Her family had before consented to give Rs 1.70 lakh in real money as share. Be that as it may, when her family offered the cash in old demonetised notes on the marriage day, the prepare's family declined to acknowledge the cash and rather requested new notes inside stipulated time.

Prabhati's folks affirmed her in-laws killed her on Sunday as they didn't get the new notes in endowment. "Her significant other and his family executed our little girl since we were not able give the new notes. I need them to be rebuffed," said her mom Kunu Mandal.

Controller Alok Jena, who heads the Golanthara police headquarters, said an instance of settlement passing has been enlisted.