Bhopal: 3-yr-old raped by stepfather, arrested


Bhopal: On Sunday in Bhopal investigations into the rape of a three-year-old Dalit girl previous week led police to her step-father, who was detained subsequent to he confessed to the crime. On August 31, the girl was raped and deserted near Pul Patra in Barkhedi, 350 metres from Bhopal railway station. On August 31 the indicted (32) had then conveyed the government railway police (GRP) that she was kidnaped from the station premises where they were sleeping premature and that she was raped and dumped in a pool of blood near Pul Patra.

 Police establish several contradictions in his declaration, Inspector general (GRP), A K Singh has conveyed that, explaining that no blood was originate at the site, but there were blood stains at the place they were sleeping on platform number 6 of the station. Superintendent of police (GRP), Avdhesh Goswami has also further conveyed that, police kept a watch on the indicted and establish that he used to consume alcohol and behave differently—enjoy though drinking and be sad when with his wife and the girl, who is undergoing treatment at a city hospital.

“Not only our door but windows are also open for dialogue”, says Rajnath Singh

In his report, he had also conveyed that his first wife had died of cancer in Mahoba, but police establish that she is alive and was clueless about his next marriage. Based on these contradictions, police grilled him and he admitted he raped the child at about 5 am on August 31 inside the blanket in which he was sleeping, leaving blood stains on it. When the girl cried out in pain, he tried to calm her down, but when she did not, he took her and left her near Pul Patra.

 He came back to the spot and distorted his clothes. When his wife, a deep sleeper, woke up around 7 am and did not locate the child, he feigned ignorance and commenced a search and afterward lodged a complaint with the police. Blood-stained clothes of the accused and the blanket on which he was sleeping were afterward found. The forensic report confirmed that he had committed the crime, police conveyed, adding that he will be produced in court soon. Goswami has also further conveyed that, the mother of the girl was shocked on learning that her husband was the one who raped her daughter. At present, she is in trauma and conveyed that the accused should be punished.

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