Bhilwara: Couple beaten beaten to death, three arrested


Jaipur: Bhilwara police on Saturday arrested three people for beating an elderly couple to death in Badliyas village on Thursday night over a money-related dispute. According to police, the incident took place on Thursday night when Naresh, Dinesk and Mukesh barged into the house of Rodu Lal Saini (70) and his wife Prem Devi (65).

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"Both started beating the couple with sticks, the assailants then also strangulated Prem Devi to death as she was still breathing after being attacked by sticks. The accused then ransacked the house and set a bag containing papers on fire," police said.

According to police, the couple had given a loan of Rs 10,000 to the accused, and had been asking the trio to return the amount. "The accused trio decided to kill the elderly couple. After beating the couple to death, they dragged the bodies of the deceased to kitchen and dumped them there," police said.

The police added that three had come to the house of couple and told Prem Devi that they will return the amount as soon possible. When Prem Devi went to the kitchen to make tea, the accused started beating Rodu Lal Saini and Prem Devi. Thinking that Prem Devi was still breathing after the assault, they strangulated her to death.

After killing the elderly couple, the assailants made away with the jewellery and burnt the papers mentioning that they had taken the loan from Saini. According to police, Saini and his wife had retired from government service where they worked as Class IV workers.

Tension had gripped the town after the mob of angry villagers carried out the protest in front of the police station and also tried to burn the houses of the accused. The police had to intervene in order to contain the situation.