Bhagwant Mann: AAP doesn’t need coverage by paid media


AAM AADMI Party (AAP) MP Bhagwant Mann lashed out at the media after he was addressed about his late landing in the venue of a rally in Bassi Pathana of Fatehgarh Sahib Thursday. Mann, who touched base at the venue three hours late, blamed the media for acting like "Badals' sycophants" and requested that the columnists leave the rally venue promptly.

He said, "AAP is great without paid media and needs no scope from it." Guaranteeing that he knew "the rates of each columnist", Mann said: "Columnists take cash for composing and disregarding a few news stories." He said this on the mouthpiece from the phase when the correspondents at the venue addressed him regarding why he arrived late and about the asserted sex outrage including Delhi previous pastor Sandeep Kumar.

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"Media is acting like Badals' sycophants. It appears that the Badals have mentally conditioned all of you and sent you here with unimportant inquiries. Do you scrutinize the Badals as well when their choppers get late? Go and distribute features that Mann got into mischief with media. You are likewise most welcome to leave the venue as we are great without paid media. Blacklist me on the grounds that Bhagwant Mann has the backing of 70,000 individuals here. He needn't bother with any media to advance himself," said Mann.

"I know everything. I know the amount of cash you take to keep in touch with a few stories or overlook a few. Everything relies on upon the amount you are paid," said Mann as mediapersons left the venue. Mann landed around 2.30 pm at the Bassi Pathana rally to bolster nearby hopeful Santokh Singh Salana. At the point when columnists asked for him to save a couple of minutes for a cooperation in front of the rally, he can't. As a correspondent began addressing him, he lashed out at the media.

"All are asking me for what valid reason I am late… It is not my business to answer you. I have 70,000 individuals here who bolster me. Go and stand out as truly newsworthy you need, I just couldn't care less," he yelled. "It is every one of the a media creation that I need to be Punjab CM. I need to be dukh mantri, not mukh mantri. I am with the general population of Punjab in their sadness." The media organization of Fatehgarh Sahib later reported they would blacklist Mann revives. A video of Mann lashing out at media became famous online on WhatsApp and he himself transferred it on his Facebook account also.

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