Beware of Chinese and Metallic manjha! NGT bans Dreadful Manjha


As makkar sankrati is heading and we all are super excited to celebrate this joyful festival with our families but, don’t’ make your sankrati dreadful with Chinese or metallic strings as per the reports the manjha is highly injurious and dreadful for humans and as well as birds or animals.

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Jaipur,Punjab,Delhi Government has already taken a huge and necessary step for safety purpose of living beings.  There’s a complete ban over the manufacturing, production, storage, supply, sale and use of all kite strings that are made of nylon, plastic or any other synthetic material, including the ‘Chinese Manjha’, which is just not safe to use. This is an strict instruction and rule for all over state.

Therefore, only cotton threads are allowed for kite flying which are free from any sharp components. Chinese and plastic manjha isn’t just harmful for humans but, other living beings as well especially for the birds in the sky. The little creature gets severe cuts from this dreadful thread which kills the tender, delicate birdies. Just make sure to spread happiness on this joyful festive season as the festivities need to be done happily.

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Sankrat festivities leave lot of cuts on fingers but, they are not even required try using eco-friendly products which are blood free and least injuries. As per the reports, lot of people fell from the roof because of kite flying just stay little careful as nothing is important than one life! Take some strict precautions for yourself, your loved ones and those small little creatures.