Better to die than be court-martialled, says Sahayak Roy Mathew


NEW DELHI: The riddle behind the alleged suicide of Army jawan Roy Mathew is probably going to be settled with the assistance of a diary found on him, said sources.

Mathew, who was discovered dead days after he included in a news website’s sting operation condemning of the Army’s sahayak or “mate” framework, guaranteed in his journal that the voice in the op video was not his, the sources included.

In the diary, which is probably going to be viewed as a suicide note and is presently in police’s possession, Mathew wrote in Malayalam that it was “better to die than face a courtmartial”.

He likewise penned an expression of remorse to his wife, other relatives, and the colonel to whom he revealed.

In the mean time, police in Nashik, where Roy’s body was found, are addressing different sepoys of his unit. The journalist who directed the sting operation may likewise be addressed, sources said. The cops will likewise record his better wife Fini’s announcement to figure out what he said in their last phone discussion.

Roy was crying while conversing with his wife. He had supposedly additionally sent a content to the colonel being referred to that read “sorry”.

Medical examiners found no outside wounds amid Roy’s post-mortem examination. His family has charged injustice in Roy’s death. Police have propelled an investigation into the claimed suicide, and are looking for legitimate conclusion on whether an instance of abetment was made out in the given conditions. The Army is directing a court of investigation into the whole scene.