Best places to explore around the world


Some countries are known for their contribution in saving climate, natural resources; maintain world peace, equality and prosperity and advancement in science and technology. With special culture and beauty of these countries, they have been ranked among the best in the world. Tourists also like to go to these places. By coming here, you get most attracted towards nature. Let’s tell you about the same five countries:


This country is very beautiful. The culture, world order, health, high standard of living, fair trade support, strong involvement in voluntary services of the UN makes it all special. Tourists enjoy exploring this country.


This country is known for its beautiful mountains, winter sports and natural scenes. The people of the standard of living are quite good. Along with this, it was also ranked for Foreign Direct Investment (FDI), Fair Trade Market. In addition, Science and Technology, Prosperity, Equality and Health Facilities have been included.


This country is famous for its housing store, Swiss chocolate and vodka. These countries are also leading in terms of contributing world order, environmental protection, equality and prosperity.

United Kingdom

This country is known for equality, prosperity, health and high standard of living of people. Apart from this, it is the number one country in science and technology. Also, this country is doing excellent work in the field of General Exports, International Publications and International Studies.


This country of Europe has already been counted in countries with equal health, prosperity and better health of people. Apart from this, this country is known for its finest Creative Goods Export, Creative Service Export, Freedom of Movement and Press Freedom.