Best friend getting married?


The wedding season is upon us. Whether you adore or hate it, if your closest companion is getting married, you are going to experience a passionate rollercoaster.

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This is what to keep in mind:

As the closest companion of the lady of the hour, you have the enormous obligation of being her stay. She will be cranky, and her feelings will sway between extremes – euphoria, trouble, energy, nervousness, deadening trepidation and so on. She may even change into a Bridezilla! Keep your quiet.

You will be the group of onlookers for each idea she has, regardless of how tragic or senseless it is. You will be included in every one of the ceremonies and the dramatization, and be that individual who ensures that the lady of the hour gets her downtime when she needs it. You'll be the one altering her choli to chunni, and her drink.

All things considered, you might be quiet, formed and your celebratory best; be that as it may, as the closest companion, your heart will break – noiselessly. You realize that it's not only her life that is going to change – it's yours as well. No more 3 am telephone calls. No all the more hanging out for quite a long time or sleepovers.

There's an excessive amount of changing in your life, with your BFF's wedding, and you need to now rehash things, and locate another harmony between the two … really you three at this point. There's nothing you need more than to converse with your closest companion about how you are feeling. Hold the discussion for some other time, when's she has returned from her special first night. That, you must manage now. Acknowledge it.

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