Benzema and Arjen robben will be the major missing in Euro Cup


Paris. When any football player could not manage to play in a big tournament that resembles to the biggest nightmare and the Euro Cup, which begins this week in the absence of some star players is a major disappointment the hands of the fans. Starting from 11 June 2016 Euro Cup is hosted in France and striker Karim Benzema's absence will be marked for his team.

28-year-old Benzema is one of the world's best striker, the French football federation teammate Mathieu Vlbuana suspended on charges of blackmail because of which football fans will not get a chance to see his rage. The list is followed by Germany midfielder Marco Reus on the second.

Known for its fast and aggressive on field nature of Marco bodice-in-hand injury will not let him take part in the Euro Cup. Foot and ankle injury caused him to sit out in the 2010 and 2014 FIFA World Cup.

Arjen Robben ranks among the world's top footballers is in the lead for Holland. Holland is one of the big teams which failed to qualify for the Euro Cup. Holland will not play in the tournament; the fans will not be able to see the magic of Arjen.