Bengaluru Woman Refused To Marry Him because he Didn’t Like Her Dog


'Must love dogs' was simply implemented for genuine by a lady from Bengaluru who simply dismisses a planned lucky man since he had issues with her canine.

Karishma Walia is online networking's new courageous woman after she rejected a rishta or masterminded match when the man advised her he didn't need her canine to be a piece of their coexistence.

Depictions of Ms Walia's content discussion with her suitor have turned into a web sensation.

When her suitor proposed that her affection for her pet could be a "stage" and that she ought to get her needs right, Karishma messaged back: "Having a canine is certainly not an impermanent stage. I can't relinquish my pooch for anybody."

"I am sorry to learn this. In any case, please wed the pooch all things considered," was the answer she got.

This is what individuals on Facebook and Twitter need to say on the matter.

"She evaded a shot there! In the event that somebody can't trade off a bit for something you adore, whether it is a pet, pastime or profession then they're not worth your time. And after that his reaction toward the end! I trust she shut him and cut him out of her life for good," says one analyst on Facebook.

"He took a decent choice in dumping her, why might anybody stay with somebody offering devil to canines over family," tweeted another.

"By what means would someone be able to not love a canine," said a few others.

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