Bengaluru: Son kills father over black magic issue, Arrested


New Delhi: In Srinivagilu a incident came in light where father-son relationship gets shameful. A 27-year-old man allegedly hacked his father to death at their house in Srinivagilu near Koramangala on Sunday night over a trivial dispute. Other family members informed the police and handed over the accused to the police. Deceased  72-year-old was retired from army. The accused, Kiran Kumar, has been arrested and questioning going on. 

He was quarrelling with his father, Goutham, thinking that the latter had done black magic against him. Goutham was alone at home when Kiran stabbed him. Police sources said that the crime occurred around 10.30 pm. Neighbours, who heard noise from the house, came around to see what was happening and Kiran ran away from the house. A neighbour found Goutham lying in a pool of blood and alerted Viveknagar police. 

Kiran had attacked Goutam with a machete and slit his throat. Goutham was working as a clerk in MEG before retirement and was living with his family in Srinivagilu Layout in Ejipura. Kiran is his younger son and was employed with a private company as a technician. Kiran, who has been suffering from a nervous disorder, started suspecting that Goutham had done black magic against him and was often quarrelling with him over the issue. The family told police that Kiran was isolated for the last few years and was not speaking to anyone. He used to get angry and would shout at his elder brothers if they tried to ask him about his problems or try to help him.