Bengaluru: Metro Services stopped as Staff Protests over police viciousness


Bengaluru: Several people in Bengaluru faced problem on Friday morning as metro services came to a halt following protest by its employees against the capture of their colleagues.

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Metro train services remain suspended on Friday since morning due to which people suffered lot of issues while going to office and colleges.

As per one of the metro officials, most of the employees were attacked in Bengaluru by Karnataka policemen deployed for safety.

Nearly 35 metro staff members allegedly hit back, following which six employees were detained by the Karnataka police officials. The reports revealed that about four employees have been released but the metro staff is ordering that the left two must be acquitted. Two police officials of the Karnataka State Industrial Security Forces were also detained on the case of a Metro staffer.

Officials asserted that discussions are going on to get the employee to recommence service.

Nearly three lakh people utilizes the Bengaluru Metro in a day.

Recently, the final stretch of the first phase was inducted by President Pranab Mukherjee.

At metro stations, Extra police security was given recently due to the vociferous strike over the three-language rule and the use of Hindi in metro signboards and announcements.

On social media,  #NammaMetroHindiBeda – “Our Metro, We don’t want Hindi” campaign was soared when pro-Kannada group cautioned to blacken signs. They even added to destory stations if Hindi language was not excluded.

The protesters even made signals at some stations this week to pretext the Hindi portions.

Officials stated the Bengaluru Metro, together supported by the state and centre, accompanied a central government decision to implement the three-language rule.

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Pro-Kannada group mentions it an nuisance and an effort to endorse Hindi at the price of regional languages.