Bengaluru Female Cab Driver Found Dead


Bengaluru: On Monday evening a womanly cab driver operational with a confidential cab aggregator was found dead beneath doubtful conditions at her not closed borrowed house in Sanjay Nagar police station restrictions. The body of Veerath  Bharati, 40 year old, conveyed to be the initial womanly cab driver in the city, was originate execution from the ceiling at her rented house in Nagashetty Halli. The occurrence come to luminosity while the property-owner establishes the cab deserted and cannot position her. He right away went to her dwelling on the third floor and originates her body hanging when he looked from side to side the window. The landlord knowledgeable the police and police hurried to the spot but establish her dead. The body has been sent for post-mortem. 

Police officials conveyed that the dead was livelihood unaided and sought to budge to her place of birth in Andhra Pradesh. She had also knowledgeable her proprietor in relation to changing her gas association to Andhra Pradesh. Police officers though conveyed that it was apparent case of suicide but they might not supply persuasive clarification concerning the wide open door. An officer conveyed that the door was not closed but congested tight, so that no solitary could go into inside. The fatality also did not depart at the back any suicide letter. Bharathi had been living in the city for the precedent 10 years. She worked in an NGO earlier than captivating up driving as an occupation.