Bengaluru Over 200 children detained at railway station


On Tuesday at the Cantonment railway station Around 200 boys aged 8-13 years old were detained  for quite a long time, dreading they were sufferers of human trafficking however let off in the wake of checking their identities, said police.

“On a tip-off by a fellow traveler, we asked all the boys and their 20 teachers to alight from the Guwahati Express at the Cantonment railroad station and kept till night to confirm their status, where they were coming from and going to which put,” a Railway Police Force (RPF) official told reporters after initial investigation into their status.

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Donning skull tops, wearing kurta-pajama and conveying steel trunks in one hand, the boys were kept in the waiting up corridor from twelve to 7.00 p.m. despite the fact that a couple of samaritans gave them food and drinking water till the inquiry was finished and let off.

“We have liberated them and their teachers in the wake of checking their identity and profile, as they are students and faculty of madrassas in Karnataka and different states coming back from Ramadan vacation,” Deputy Commissioner of Police K. Jinendra told reporters here.

Preparatory probe discovered a some of the boys were from Bengaluru, Madikeri, Sagar and Tumakuru in the state while others were from neighboring states.

“They were at first suspected to be suffered with human trafficking from Bangladesh to Kerala because of their common profile, clothing and language,” said Jinendra.

Numerous boys were from Assam, Bihar and West Bengal, yet studying in the state madrasas,” included the authority.