Benefits of Sitting on Floor While Eating


It is an old Indian tradition of sitting on the floor while eating. It has been proved to be the right way to eat in terms of science. Generally sitting with crossed-legs tends to act as a ‘Yoga’ posture known as sukhasana or padmasana. Thus sitting on floor during having food does both the multi-tasking and doing yoga at the same time. This posture puts pressure to the lower spine which may facilitate relaxation and also allows you to calm the mind. In Ayurveda, eating with a calm and peaceful mind helps better digestion.

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Helps in Fast Digestion-

The back and forth movement in this process helps muscles in the abdomen to secrete digestive juices and helps in digesting the food properly and quickly.

Relax Body Muscles-

The muscles in your lower back, pelvis and around your stomach stretch reducing pain and uneasiness. The regular stretching of these vital muscles also helps to make you flexible and fit.

Manage weight issues-

It is advised by the doctors to sit on floor while eating. Sitting and getting up increases the body movement.

Improves family bonding and the body posture –

Indian dining involves everyone sitting together to eat. It is a kind of family activity. The ritual improves the bonding with the family. Also, the posture relaxes the body and is actually good to have a happy and relaxed family together.

Sitting on the floor automatically improves our body posture with our back straight, expanding our spine and pushing our shoulders back, beating all the frequent pains and aches that are caused by bad posture. Therefore, this posture is good enough to stay healthy.

Improves blood circulation and makes the heart stronger-

Cross-legged sitting improves the blood circulation in our bodies as it relaxes the nerves and the pressure on it. One of digestion’s most important elements is good blood circulation. Our heart tends to work overtime to help out our digestive system. Sitting on the floor and eating can help out can solve a lot of problems.

It makes you more humble-

There is a reason monks meditate on the floor and not on chairs! According to many religious and spiritual beliefs, when you sit on the floor at the same level as children and animals, it is easier for you to connect with the spiritual side. If other reasons haven’t made you slide off your chair, then you might just consider this one!

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It’s History-

In the old time, maharajas used to sit on the floor and eat! Sitting and eating is a recent phenomenon in India. Even In so many parts of India and Asia chairs are still not common. That humans can sit on the floor with such ease, is clear evidence that our bodies have been taking up these positions for a long time.