Benefits of lighting up Diya

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If we talk about Hindu calendar, Pooja is very important part of it. There are different practices followed by people during worship. One of the practices that are famous among people is of burning the lamp. These lights are lit during evening and morning at the time of performing Puja. The biggest benefit of lighting a lamp is related to health. By lighting the, beauty of your worship gets increased. Moreover, you do not didn’t face health related issues. Mitti Diyas are lit up by adding ghee or oil to it. Check out the benefits of burning ghee Diya :

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Diya is also helpful in removing diseases from the house. If you burn a clove with a lamp, it is twice as good for health. Burning ghee lamp will benefit the whole house. Ghee has all the properties of removing skin disease. Indeed, when the ghee present in the lamp comes in contact with the fire, the atmosphere becomes sacred. Due to this, it is believed that the diseases of the house run away by burning ghee lamp.

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The oil lamp of ghee or mustard oil works as a air purifier. The smoke of its flame is very beneficial to the house. It also gives asthma patients a lot of benefits. The aroma of ghee and oil extends the harmful particles present in the air of the house.

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