Benefits of Charan Sparsh


Charan Sparsh is a commonly practiced Hindu ritual of bowing down to someone else and touching their feet in reverence. The literal translation of Charan Sparsh is ‘feet touching’. Charan means ‘feet’ and sparsh means ‘touch.’

Charan Sparsh is generally performed by touching the feet of one’s parents, elders, teachers, noble people and sadhus with both hands. The elder in turn blesses one by placing his or her hand on or over one’s head. It is a ritual that is performed daily when we meet elders, particularly on important occasions like the beginning of a new task, birthdays, festivals, New Year’s Day, etc. In certain traditional circles, charan sparsh is accompanied by abhivãdana – introducing oneself or announcing one’s family and social stature.

There are many advantages that one tends to gain when touching feet of the elders and people of reverence.

Ego:  Ego is a very tricky thing and can lead to various problems. Hence when you touch feet of a respected person, you are helping to sublime your own ego to a certain extent thereby making to purer and calmer person.

Exercise: When you actually touch the feet of someone and not merely in the modern way of half way through the act, you tend to bent forward which is a sort of a yogic posture  which helps you health wise and stretches your spine and acts as a sort of exercise in disguise.

Aura transfer: when the other person blesses, the positive energy from that person gets transferred to you and hence you can consider this as the reward for touching feet of others who are superior to you in energy levels.