Benefits of chanting Hanuman Chalisa


Religion: Lord Hanuman is that one divine energy which wards off any negativity in split second. Hanuman was an incarnation of Shiva and considered to be an exemplification of strength, devotion, and perseverance.

The Hanuman Chalisa is dedicated to Lord Hanuman by Tulsidas who is the writer of the 40 chaupayis (Versus) which he wrote while he was imprisoned by Akbar in the 15th century in Awadhi language. The chalisa is recited to get energy and concentration; it also channelizes energy and improves focus in body. Not only it has a religious value, it also has scientific facts included in it. The Hanuman chalisa talks about Lord Hanuman’s qualities like Courage, Wisdom, Celibacy, Strength and devotion.

Hanuman chalisa also talks about the distance between earth and sun if we talk about the scientific side of the hymn. Tulsi Das is thought to have written the magnificent verses of the Hanuman Chalisa in a prison in which akbar had kept him imprisoned. It is said that an army of monkeys menaced Delhi as soon as Tulsidas finished his ode and recited the same.


To reduce the effects of Saturn and sade sati

The notorious love hate relationship between Lord Hanuman and Shani Dev is famous for their tiffs and different approaches of life. It is also said that Shani Dev promised Lord Hanuman that if a person is Hanuman’s devotee, shani won’t ever trouble that person. As per legends, Shani Dev is frightened of Lord Hanuman. Anyone who has heavy sufferings in life due to shani in their kundli, should chant Hanuman chalisa. 

It keeps one safe from spirits and demons

Lord hanuman is most famous for his strength of scaring off the evil. There are numerous temples built for his different powers. Lord hanuman has the ability to make you feel safe and sound when you are having scary dreams, thoughts or you are feeling a presence. 


There are so many things we humans do which can be intentional as well as unintentional, by reciting hanuman chalisa, 8 times in the night time can help you get rid of your sins which you might have committed unknowingly. 

Remove Obstacles

If one recites Hanuman Chalisa at night, he/she is able to get the divine protection of Lord Hanuman and all his/her obstacles are removed. These are few benefits of reciting Hanuman Chalisa. He is not only know for warding off spirits but also wards off obstacles (called ‘sankat’) in the forms of people, spirits or negativity which do not let us achieve our goals easily. 

For safer journeys

You know why those little flying danglers of Lord Hanuman are so popular for cars?  It is believed that Lord Hanuman can prevent accidents and makes sure your journey is smooth and safe.

It helps in fulfilling your wishes

The benefits of chanting or listening to Hanuman Chalisa are infinite. It is believed that if a devotee recites these 40 chaupayis with pure devotion he or she gets rewarded and all the wishes come true.