Benefits of being Soul conscious


What is soul consciousness?

We all know that we are souls and not the physical bodies. Still if someone asks us, who are you? We respond with “My name is ……..” or “I am a doctor, professor, etc.” or “I am an Indian, Chinese, American, etc” but we are actually souls. eg :- The doctor says “Bring the dead body” not “Bring Mr. A,B or C. When we are in soul conscious state we understand and feel that our original qualities are Love, Peace, Happiness, etc and the way we feel is how we act.

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Everyone feels like a family member

When we pray in temples, churches or elsewhere, we call GOD by names like Param Pita (Father)Parmatma, God Father, etc. which means we are all his children and he is our father. In this sensearen’t we all members of one big family.

The soul has no religion

The soul has no religion. It has also been said in many scriptures that where there is the feeling ofLOVE, there is no religion. That’s why especially in India we celebrate all festivals together becausewe are bonded by LOVE, one of the innate qualities of soul and not religion and hence it’s possibleto love all. Religion is just a faith associated with our bodies .

The soul is not fat or thin

The soul is not big or small and is not defined by our age. Soul is a very tiny point of light that sitsin the centre of the forehead and controls the entire body. Once the soul leaves the body we aredead. We are all the same in size then why compare and tease people.

The soul is filled with 7 innate qualities

The soul is filled with 7 innate qualities i.e. Peace, Love, Happiness, Knowledge, Power, Purity and Bliss.We are all attracted to these things actually and not the body. The more we feel these qualities in ourselves and the more we see these in others, we will be light and divine.

Every karma becomes more elevated

Being in soul consciousness makes each karma very elevated. As we look at everyone as a family member, it becomes easier for us to listen and understand the situation or problem the otherperson is facing and are more than willing to help them. This gives us a lot of happiness.

Acceptance increases

As we start filling ourselves with the innate qualities of the soul, we become more loveful and morepowerful because we have programmed our mind to only look at qualities. What you actually do isthat you secretly vibrate and awaken their innate quality within them. Indirectly you help the otherperson realize their true self.

We start contributing more

When we become soul conscious, our wants start to decrease automatically. We are able to draw aline in between the Wants and the Needs which allow us to contribute more. Contributing by moneyis not the only contribution. We start to share our skill sets, happiness, Knowledge, etc.

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We start living in the moment

Soul consciousness allows us to stay in the present. We all know that past is history and future ismystery. Only the present is ours. Since life has become very uncertain and we may have to leavethe world anytime, which are all the spiritual thoughts that we don’t think about until we grow old so contributing in each moment and every interaction will keep us light and happy. After allwe can’t push the happiness 10 years away or until the old age.