Benefits of Ice cream


Ice cream is the most favourable sweet anyone can prefer in summers. Ice cream reduces our body heat. Ice cream is something which brings water in our mouth when we hear it. There are various flavours in it. Do you know ice cream is also beneficial for us.

Let me tell you today, how ice cream is beneficial for our body.

1. Ice cream contains rich in vitamins, calcium and protein. Ice cream is made of milk which contains high calcium.

2. Calcium is very beneficial for muscles, bones and blood in our body. Vitamin A, and B-2 and B-12 are found in very good amount in ice cream.

3. Vitamin A is very good for our immune system, bones and skin. It also reduces calcium deficiency in our body.

4. Ice cream also helps in reducing the stress level. Ice cream is made up of milk which contains Ltriptohane which is a natural Transquilizer(a medicine that reduces stress) and helps in relaxing the nervous system.

5. It also helps in weight loss.