Health benefits of Fennel and it’s Seeds


Fennel has amazing health benefits which can cure your health issues in best way. Check them out!

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  • Works as a mouth freshener
    It works as an amazing mouth freshener and treats bad breath as well. Plus, it fights with germs too! You can even try fennel tea as gargle component.
  • Aids Digestion
    Fennel helps in good digestion. It removes toxins and prevents constipation, colic, intestinal gas, heartburn, indigestion, bloating and flatulence. Plus, it aids in stomach ache. Moreover, prevents formation of gas.

  •  Helps in Water Retention:
    Consuming fennel tea on regular intervals helps in removing out extra fluids from the body. Puffy eyes can even be treated by applying fennel tea caused by water or any fluid retention by applying fennel tea under the affected area. Plus, it also reduces the urinary issues.
  • Reduces extra fat and prevents obesity:It suppresses the appetite and creates a feeling of fullness. It helps in increasing metabolism rate. Water retention is the primary and main cause of weight gain.
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  • Prevents cancer:
    Fennel has some amazing beneficial components which anti cancer effects.