Benefits of doing ear piercing!


Most of the girls and guys are beauty conscious these days. In this modern world, girls and boys are. These days, fashion of piercing has come into trend a lot. Not only woman, men’s too have started wearing one or two stud in both ears to look fashionable. Today we are telling you about the benefits of doing piercing:

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There is a point in the lower part of the ear, which connects to the left and right spire of the brain. When this point is pierced, it makes the part of brain active. The men’s testicles also get benefited from pierced ears.

Apart from this, where the ears are pierced, there is a point which helps to listen clearly. According to acupuncture, there is a central point on the lower part of the ear, from which the veins of the eye are nearby. Eye sight gets improved.

Scientifically, it is also believed that this prevents paralysis. There are several pressure points between ear lobes, which prove to be helpful in making your reproductive organs healthy.

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In ancient times, it was customary to pierce the child’s ear to increase their strength and better knowledge. This is because the piercing of ear increases the power of brain.