Benefits Of Ancient Ayurvedic Treatment, ‘Oil Pulling’


Oil Pulling is an ancient Ayurvedic ritual which involves keeping 1 tbsp of extra virgin oil into your mouth, and then spitting it out after few minutes.
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There are so many benefits of oil pulling. Let’s have a look.


Oil pulling help in whitening the teeth as oil comprises of natural antibiotic and antiviral properties that brighten and cleans teeth, keeping them pearly white. Repeat this for at least 2 weeks and you will surely see the change in you teeth.

Image result for oil pullingENERGY BOOSTER

This ancient remedy helps in washing out all the toxic wastes from our body which it drains our energy levels. Oil pulling lessen up the tiredness which our body feels after working.


The poisoning germs enters in the body from our mouth. Therefore, it is necessary to detoxify our mouth as much are you can. Oil pulling acts as a detoxify the germs before they make their home in your mouth.

Image result for oil pullingHEADACHE REMEDY

Headaches and migraine related problems occur due to the toxic elements in our body. Oil Pulling naturally acts as a remedy by eliminating bacteria from your body.

Image result for oil pulling cure headacheMAKES THE SKIN NATURALLY CLEAN

Oil pulling also removes the toxins from your body. This makes the skin shine by cleaning it up completely.

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Image result for oil pulling makes skin clearIMPROVES ORAL HYGIENE

Image result for oil pullingThis method also very effective for the oral hygiene. It reduces various mouth problems like tooth cavities and bad breath.