Beiimaan Love movie review


Beiimaan Love movie cast: Sunny Leone, Rajneesh Duggal, Daniel Webber
Beiimaan Love movie director: Rajeev Chaudhari

Director Rajeev Chaudhari had promised that Sunny Leone will be seen in a completely different avatar in Beiimaan Love. The director has kept the promise to some extent, but the attempt is not good enough to put an impact.

Beiimaan Love features Sunny Leone as a bold and successful businesswoman. However, the source of her success originates from a revenge. The film is a revenge drama that showcases how a woman betrayed in love, destroys the person she loved.

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Beiimaan Love is utterly stupid, and involves absolutely no filmmaking. It’s made to provide some voyeuristic pleasure, but fails to do even that.

Just how much can you stare at high heels and women in neon bikinis? There has to be a limit. If you still keep watching it in anticipation of a story, then I will judge you.

The only highlight in the film is a scene where Sunaina dances with her domestic help in the kitchen. The kind of dance people do when they’re in love. The help looks scarred for life. The pain on her face is remarkable. She might have doubled her fees after that scene.