Before polls, BJP to corner Himachal govt on remuneration issue


Ahead of 2017 get together decisions, resistance BJP has begun cornering boss clergyman Virbhadra Singh drove Congress government in Himachal Pradesh on the issue of poor remuneration being paid to ranchers to procure their property for the four laning of National Highways. BJP pioneers are guaranteeing that Center is prepared to pay more pay however state government is not taking the required activity.

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In Himachal Pradesh substantial piece of area is being gained for the four laning of Kiratpur-Manali stretch of National Highway-21 and Parwanoo-Shimla stretch of National Highway-22. As such, 182.95 hectare land has been gained for national roadway 21 with honored expense of Rs 802.1 crore and 121.24 hectare for national parkway – 22 with recompensed expense of Rs 907.15 crore. Administration of India has given on a fundamental level endorsement for 56 more National Highways in the state with aggregate length of 3759 kms. 

As Center has made the arrangement of paying four times remuneration for the securing of area by applying variable two equation, in Himachal Pradesh just two time pay is being paid as state has embraced element one recipe. 

Presently BJP is scrutinizing the state government by soliciting that when Government from India is prepared to pay the cash then why not the state is embracing element two equation for working out area remuneration for the advantage of agriculturists. 

Pioneer of Opposition Prem Kumar Dhumal said that individuals are restricting the obtaining of area for four laning of Kiratpur-Manali and Parwanoo-Shimla national interstates since state government is paying them deficient remuneration. He said that middle has made the arrangement of paying four time pay yet state government is paying just two times of business sector esteem. 

He said that Center is prepared to give four time pay to Central activities including national thruways yet state government is not drawing nearer Center for the execution of variable two equation for Central government ventures and due assets under this. 

Dhumal said it is an extremely unusual situation where the Center is prepared to give the cash to pay sufficient remuneration to agriculturists in lieu of their territory yet state government is not prepared to take the matter at the expense of rancher's advantage. 

Alluding to the securing of area for four laning of national expressways, Chief Minister Virbhadra Singh said that Government of India is procuring area and state government is just gaining land for them. He said that Center has not advised variable two if there should be an occurrence of securing of area for National Highways 

"Our guideline is that it ought to be done according to element one and if Government of India need to give variable two, let them say as much. We will change the framework and give the remuneration according to component two. So far as the State Government is worried for its own particular works, we are not going to go past component one," he said. 

In the midst of the firm resistance to land securing for four path ventures, state government has likewise called for Consultancy contracts for the on a fundamental level, pronounced 56 national parkways to set up their Detailed Project Reports. The expense for this Consultancy according to the Government of India is Rs. 170 crore. The assets have been asked for from Center so that the extra works and Consultancy should be possible in order to make the best possible appraisals.

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