Beer: Beneficial for skin and hair too


Whether drinking beer is beneficial to your health or not but it may surprise you that beer can get you many aesthetic benefits. It is very good for skin as well as for hair. It acts as a natural hair conditioner that makes hair soft and smooth. If you fancy for long, beautiful and strong hair, use beer for it.

Let’s learn about the benefits of beer for the hair:

1. Hydrates skin

Beer hydrates the skin from inside. Ancient Egyptians used to take beer bath in order to get relief from the scorching heat of the desert.

2. Hair Conditioner

It’s a natural hair conditioner. Wash the hair with beer after the shampoo that will make your hair look shiny and soft.

3. Skin brightens

Putting beer on the skin helps in getting the whole mess out from the skin pores and leaves the skin brightened.

4. Maintains supple skin

Beer makes the skin soft from within. When skin will breathe from inside then it will get the required moisture that will make the skin soft. Vitamin B in the beer makes the skin supple.

5. Maintain dense hair

From washing the hair with beer, the hair looks more dense and it quality improves too.

6. Brings relief from Acne

Beer contains Anti- bacterial ingredients so don’t forget to mix it in your face pack.

7. Balances the PH of the skin

If the PH of your skin is not balanced,  it will either make your skin oily or rough. So the beer gives it a balance.

8. Anti- Ageing

It contains antioxidants that act as an anti ageing element.