BEAWAR: Panther came to hunt a goat itself became the victim


BEAWAR: A panther who came to hunt down a prey himself became a victim of cruelty in the Jhaadli Maanpura forest area adjacent to the Sendda Aravali Forest region. Panic prevailed throughout the village on Wednesday morning, after villagers saw the sight of a panther and a goat lying dead together. There are surely marks of injuries over the body of panther but it is yet to be discovered as of how the panther actually died. The forest officials have started an investigation in the matter.

Panthers are found in a huge number in the Jhaadli Maanpura village of the Sendda area. These panthers that live in the mountain ranges in the search of prey many times enter the local villages nearby. Villager’s got shocked on seeing a panther and a goat dead. After somtime a lot of people gathered on the spot. The panther estimated to be 5 yeras old had injuries over his back and head. It is clear from the injury marks that no sharp weapon has been used. The panther before dying surely killed the goat but before he could have eaten his prey he himself succumbed to his injuries.

The forest officials have taken the possession of both the bodies and are investigating the matter