Here Are Few Beauty Secrets of T.V. Actress Hina Khan!


It is very difficult for television actors to maintain glowing and flawless skin is a major part of an actor’s life. One of the famous TV actresses Hina Khan take good care of her skin and hair.

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Image result for hina khanThis 30 year-old actress has revealed her beauty secrets to a website which includes lubricating her skin every night with almond oil. This keeps her skin glowing and healthy.

Image result for hina khanOne of Hina’s all-time favorite face packs is made from a few soft strawberries, mixed with a few tablespoons of curd and honey. Apply it for 20 minutes and then wash it off. She also applies fresh tomato face mask to refresh her skin.

Image result for hina khanHina Khan also face steaming to cleanse her pores and to keep skin glowing.

To remove dead skin cells, she exfoliates her skin with orange rind and milk.

Apart from the home-made remedies, Hina Khan visits the spa for a cleanup every 15 days and for full body treatment once a month.

Image result for hina khanTo maintain the long and healthy hair, Hina visits the hair salon every two months. At home she massages her hair with olive oil once a week. She also loves to pamper her hair with a fortnightly hair spa and at home she uses a curd and egg white hair mask to keep her hair long and shiny.

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Follow these quick beauty tips of Hina Khan to get a glowing skin and shiny-long hair.