Beauty hacks to make nails beautiful and healthy


Consume tomatoes

Tomatoes contain vitamins A, C and B7 that is very beneficial to make nails healthy. All you need to do, eat tomato juice daily in the morning. You can also eat few slices of tomato in form of salads and sandwiches. Apart from it, you can make use of  tomato paste in your dish. It will help your nails to remain healthy.

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Use coconut oil:

You can apply coconut oil on your nail to make it shiny as well as healthy. When you will apply coconut oil on your nails, your cuticles and skin will look fresh and healthy.

Apply lemon oil:

Lemon Oil act as a natural bleaching agent that helps to makes your nail strong and shinier.  It will reduce all the pollution or a chemical that is present on your nail.  Rub some lemon oil on your nails. You can also dip hands in lemon juice to make it healthier.  Later, wash your hands with normal water.

Buff or File nails properly:

File or Buff nail to give them perfect shape. Avoid doing too much filing as it can break your nail. Remember, don’t do filing if you have taken a shower or bath.

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Put nails in beer:

Dip nail in beer as it involves lot of minerals that helps to provide nourishment to the nails. All you need to do, add some beer into olive oil, then apply this mixture on your nails. You can also apply beer into apple cider vinegar. Dip nails into these mixtures for about 10-15 minutes. Do this twice in a week to get better outcomes.