Beauty benefits of Sabudana


Indian festival Navratri begins and all fasting woman thinking to eat sabu. But do you know that many problems related to skin can be overcome by Sabudana. Sabudana helps to clean your skin. So let’s know how:

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Moisturize dry skin:

Everyone has different skin. One of these is the dry skin. In this grind the gum and mix some cream in it and apply it on face in the way like face pack. Clean the face with cold water after drying. Using this pack 2-3 times a week will remove the skin’s dryness.Related image

Extract extra oil:

If your skin is oily then mix lemon juice in the grated Sabudana and put it on your face. This will expel skin extracellular oil.Image result for Sabudana

Remove Pimples:

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If you want to get rid from pimples, then grind the sabu and mix a little water in it and prepare paste and put it on face. After drying, clean the face with water. Using this pack 2-3 times a week can help you in curing from it.Image result for Remove Pimples