Beauty benefits of Nigella sativa (Kalanuji)


Nigella sativa (Kalanuji) contains the amount of sodium, iron, calcium and Ayurvedic medicines are also made from this. It helps in getting rid from the problem of hair and skin and contains antibacterial and antifungal properties which prevent hair fall and also make the skin beautiful.

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Now let’s talk about the benefits of Nigella sativa (Kalanuji)

  1. Glowing skin –Image result for Glowing skin

If you also want to get glowing skin then Nigella sativa (Kalanuji) is helpful in getting it. Make the Kalanuji paste and mix it with honey and put it on your face. It helps in removing all the damages made in the skin.

  1. Remove Pimples –Image result for Remove Pimples

If you are worried about the problem of your pimples, then use of Kalanuji for your pimples is very beneficial. To use it, add lemon juice in the Kalanuji paste and apply on your face. This eliminates the problem of pimples. Apart from this, facial scars also get removed.

  1. Cracked heels –Image result for Cracked heels

To get rid from cracked heels, Kalanuji is beneficial. Firstly add lemon juice and cream (malai) to the Kalanuji paste. Mix all well and put it on your feet. This will soften your feet.

  1. Dead skin –Image result for Nigella sativa

Kalanji can be used to overcome the problem of dead skin. To use it, add olive oil to the Kalanuji paste and apply it. This will help you in getting rid from dead skin.

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