Beauty benefits of Multani Mutti


We often use many products to bring glow to our face and we also want to maintain our beauty. But we forget that we are made from mud itself, so mud can help enhance our beauty. Multani Mutti in itself is very helpful in bringing glow to our beauty. So you can include multani mutti to your daily beauty routine.Related image

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So let’s know how:

  1. If you have oily skin, then multani mutti should be applied with rose water. This will help in getting glow. And if you have dry skin, then mix it with almonds and apply it. This will be beneficial and is also good for blood circulation.
  2. Light massage on the face with multani mutti helps to clean the white head and black heads of the skin.Image result for multani mitti
  3. Mix grated almond and orange peel with multani mutti and apply it. This paste will works as a perfect scrub.Image result for orange peel
  4. Magnesium chloride found in large quantity in Multani mutti that helps to remove acne. The paste of multani mutti with carrot juice will help in getting rid from scars.
  5. Mix the Mulani mutti with amla juice and apply it on the hair like mask and clean it after 10 minutes. Natural conditioning of hair will be done.Image result for amla juice

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