Bear cub attempts to use playground swing


KOLPASHEVO, Russia: An occupant of a Siberian town caught video of a chestnut bear offspring endeavoring to mount a swing at a cold play area.

The video, recorded at a play area in Kolpashevo, demonstrates the expansive offspring endeavoring to mount the swing, yet thinking that its troublesome because of its size and the developments of the seat.

Sergey Yelnikov, an officer for the Kolpashevo locale, said the bear was a piece of a circus group giving an execution in the range. He said the bear was under the supervision of a handler, in spite of the fact that the handler was not obvious in the video.

“You can see a neckline on the bear. I had a call from local people who saw the bear attempting to get on a swing by the club. We discovered later that the bear offspring was on a stroll with its handler,” the media cited Yelnikov as saying. “Since the whelp was cared for by the carnival staff, I question it was perilous. I would have however questioned its handlers for taking the creature into such a bustling spot, yet this is not for officers to ask such inquiries.”

Watch the video here: