Be aware of Apps Daily insurance company, It might fraud you..


Online Shopping, Insurance and fraud have become a maze of living for consumers. Recent case came in light where an Apps daily name, company frauded its customer. Apps daily company gives services like insured mobile phone theft phones, and then claim damages passes. 

The victim of this fraudulent company is from Jaipur, The victim said after viewed ads in the newspaper of apps daily he uses the services of that company, meanwhile he insured her Samsung 6 edge phone worth Rs 64000. According to company rules when the smartphone was stolen or Damage claims were promised. The victim said a month ago when her phone was damaged she mailed company for the claim.

Insurance claims have also been made by the Company worth RS Rs 33911, but so far the company has not paid the claim even problem is  also resolved yet.

The victim Nikita Jain launches a complain about her damage phone, but after a lapse of 6 months the amount has not yet given. Meanwhile now victim will approach the court.