BCCI desires personal Stadium in Delhi


New Delhi: The BCCI tactics to purchase land and construct a cricket stadium in Delhi, which will be owned and manage by them, and does not fit in to any state connection. It will come up in five years, and the cricket plank hopes to crowd their exhibition area sport such as the championship of IPL and World Cups. This will be the initial BCCI-owned-and-run stadium. The plan comes on the reverse of sour experiences in the precedent while they are required to move cricket matches to exchange places at the previous direct.

The thought was projected by BCCI president Anurag Thakur throughout the working board meeting held in Dharmashala where members decided that occasion has come for BCCI to have its own stadium with all contemporary and world class facilities. Indian board president Thakur established the expansion to The Indian Express and conveyed that the new sports ground would have world-class amenities and all exhibition area games can be played there.

In precedent little months BCCI has seen vital sport changing as of one place to an additional. The match flanked by India and Pakistan, the high-profile game of T20 World Cup, had to be replaced from Dharmshala to Kolkata owing to safety reasons. According to court orders all IPL games have to move from Kolkata to Mumbai. Final changes encompass forever been difficulty for BCCI and also for the broadcasters. The plank wants an exchange sports ground where it has total hold and control, and obviates they require to rely on the state relations. While the meetings are in the first stage, BCCI has nothing in Delhi as the location for BCCI’s new stadium. The original stadium might be pending up at the outer edge of the city, and board will now start the search for land. Thakur conveyed that it would be an all-out weather stadium and have a cricket museum.