BB11: Vikas cried, Priyank consoled


Bigg Boss house never failed to entertain the viewers in any way! the house showcase a behavior of an actual house which consists of love, fights, fun and some on going drama too! well, this time Vikas broke down, from last few days he has been little low, and just to make himself feel better he dressed up in formals but, the housemates pulled his leg and Hina mocked him by saying ” you look better in the casual-cool outfits rather than this, then she added that any of the girl is coming to see her, for which Akash replies if any girl enters the house she wont even look at Vikas , Hina even teased him by saying that your briefcase is right there, Vikas couldnt understand and enquired which bag ? and she said you must be going for an interview!” Priyank who’s the common friend of Hina and Vikas tried to stop Hina and said “don’t do it, if he’s not liking it!” which led to another intense quarrel between Priyank and Hina, she replied to him by saying ” go to your friend and be with him don’t say anything to me I’ll say whatever I wish to !”

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The comments belittled Vikas and told Hina that she has black heart, Vikas went inside and changed his clothes whereas Arshi complimented him while standing in kitchen by saying” that you should have worn formals from the beginning, you look really handsome in this outfit! While, Arshi, Puneesh and Vikas were there in washroom area Puneesh said” that was all for a fun purpose don’t take it seriously.” At the same time, Arshi got little disturbed by seeing the housemates behavior and told Vikas not to change his clothes as he looks really good! but, nothing could stopped Vikas, he locked himself in washroom and weeped. Whereas, Arshi calls for Priyank to console Vikas. Priyank wiped off his tears, Vikas said I know I’m not good looking but, Hina makes me feel that how I ugly I’m!”

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In the very same episode, Final slot of ” BB poultry Farm” got over. Shipla Shinde and Luv Tyagi managed to be in the race of captaincy with Hina and Priyank. The day was still not over all the contestants had to choose 3 housemates for “Kaalkothri” which they had to decide unanimously and they chose Vikas, Arshi and Akash.

Akash badly wanted to be in the jail, just to take revenge from two of them and he started commenting the moment three of them entered “Kaal kothri”.

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