BB11: “Nomination Dome” decided this week’s elimination


Bigg Boss isn’t just about drama and fights but, viewers get really excited about the upcoming exclusive task in the last episode. Hina Khan read out the luxury budget task and contestants have to stay inside for exactly 42 minutes. They have to estimate the 42 minutes in their mind while, other housemates can harass and divert them.

Vikas and Hina were already safe from the nominations and rest of the house mates had to stay inside the dome for 42 minutes, the contestant who sat inside for approximately 42 are supposed to be safe but, if time varies then the contestant is nominated for this week.

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While, the task was going on Hina Khan as captain also played a tricky game and misguided them about the time, she said, she’s calculating the time but at the same time she even said ” don’t trust me, pushing the buzzer is your call”.

Puneesh was the first one to go inside the dome and sat there without distracting himself but, Luv knew that Puneesh hates papaya and just to distract him he threw papaya inside the dome and that even worked well! The contestants tried best to distract and ruin the concentration of the one’s who were performing.

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In the end, results were declared by Bigg Boss Priyank and Luv were nominated as Luv spent 9 minutes extra in the dome, Priyank exited the dome 10 minutes before 42 minutes.

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