BB 11: Vikas Gupta is Chucked out from the race of Captaincy


With extreme difficulties, Hina khan managed to qualify for captaincy contendership in the first slot of “BB poultry Farm” task. It was yet another day for the task where Luv, Shilpa, Vikas, Priyank and Akash aimed and few of them even struggled in last episode to safeguard their egg but, failed.

In the last episode, there was a heated argument between Akash, Arshi and Shilpa. Whereas, Akash and Arshi doesn’t leave any opportunity to hurt Shilpa. Arshi said,-“ that she will not see Shilpa out of the house”  and just to irritate her more she muttered “buttox buttox” with such beginning of the morning Shilpa got really disturbed and cried in the washroom by saying “everyone is selfish in the house, I shouldn’t get upset with them I’ve seen worst outside”.

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Apart from this fight, Major discussion in the house was Hiten’s elimination and the controversy behind his elimination.  One flushed note, created confusions and misunderstandings in the house. Luv read the note which was written by Vikas for Hiten and wanted to kept that note in his luggage but, couldn’t. The note was regarding the elimination where he had to choose between Hiten and Priyank and chose Hiten.

While Priyank, Luv and Hina were having a conversation Priyank said that maybe that note was in favor of him (Priyank) but, latter when Vikas clarified that “it was for Hiten and I never said it is for you Priyank” for which Hina retaliated and told Priyank that he lied to her.

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During the task, Akash’s egg hatched out first, Puneesh said –“this is my right” housemates played with the egg and it was plunged in the water by Puneesh. Next turn to safeguard the golden egg was Vikas, while saving the egg Hina and Vikas indulged themselves into intense fight, but none realized that Akash is the actual master mind he snatched and plunged the egg very tactfully in water. Now, Priyank’s egg was next and it was safeguarded strongly by Hina, Luv ,Priyank and Vikas majorly although Akash tried to snatch egg just for the TRP sake but, in the end Hina and Priyank are the captaincy contenders, rest of the housemates will showcase themselves in task today. Stay tuned for more updates!

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