BB 11: “Sone ka Anda” is mandatory for Captaincy


The highest rated TRP reality show Bigg Boss 11 has gained huge number of viewership and followership. Every episode is much awaited from the audience as the twists and thrills are always there to keep the viewers excited. In the last episode, lot has changed in the Bigg Boss house. Hina khan and Luv Tyagi tried to sort out their differences where Hina broke down because of Luv’s cold words “I have no soft corner for you, we are just friends” for this Hina replied “I’ve a soft corner for you, because you’re my friend and we have soft corner for those whom we love”. Well, the trio i.e. Hina, Luv and Priyank are back as Priyank also hugged Luv.

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Bigg Boss morning alarm gives lot of hints to housemates and viewers about the day. Well, this time “munda kukad kamal da” was used and according to that task was planned i.e. “BB poultry farm” for captaincy. Just like “Sone ke Ande dene vali Murgi”, the chicken would keep hatching the golden egg at regular intervals, each egg has a picture of each contestant and the contestant whose picture is inscribed on the egg has to safeguards their egg from other contestants and convince them not to throw their egg in the pool, if in case the egg is plunged in the water the before the sound of “kukdu ku” that contestant will be out of the race of captaincy.

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The first egg hatched was Puneesh’s and that egg was thrown rapidly by Akash in the pool and Puneesh was out of the race. Just after that, it was Hina’s turn to protect her egg from the other competitors but, Vikas Gupta didn’t want to see Hina as a captaincy competitor somehow, he snatched the egg but, Hina’s shields i.e. Luv and Priyank managed to keep her egg safe and Shilpa as “sanchalak” declared her as 1st competitor of captaincy.

Whereas, Arshi was keen to be the competitor and vikas and Puneesh tried to protect her egg from Hina, Priyank, Luv and Shilpa but, they failed and egg was plunged in the water.

Rest of the contestants will fight of their captaincy in today’s episode. Stay updated with us!