Bars in Bangalore that are local favourites


Browse a huge number of superb bars in Bangalore where you can do just about anything—from drinking and moving to unrecorded music performances and karaoke—that strikes your favor. Indeed, even the early check in time doesn't dishearten the city's drinking society, it just means they begin sooner than whatever is left of us. Extending from top of the line bars and themed spaces to distilleries and underground watering gaps, the alternatives are galore. So whenever you're in Bangalore and need to go out for beverages, we let you know the best spots to make a beeline for. Simply ensure you arrive early so you don't pass up a major opportunity for any of the good times.


Shiro's alfresco lounge bar is the new hotspot for the city's swinging set. Outstanding location, breathtaking interiors, with Sandeep Khosla's design and earnest service.

Firangi Paani

Firangi Paani is an English-style pub with large kegs that have been innovatively turned into tables.

Liquid Lounge And Bar

This is an alfresco bar, with an ambience of a rooftop garden, views of the city heights and a daily live performance that sets the mood for the evening.

Legends of Rock

This Koramangala pub is a tribute to the all-time legends of rock and its regulars are all devoted followers of the genre.

Olive Beach

Olive Beach is rather more about great dining. New trends and fads have come and gone but this restaurant retains its popularity of being casual and chic.

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