Barmer: Two minors lodge complaint against child marriage


JAISALMER: Two minor sisters hailing from Barmer district of Jaiselmer, who were allegedly engaged approached SP Gagandeep Singhla and requested him to help them complete their studies first before marrying people of their choice after becoming adults giving a definite sign of growing awareness against child marriage.

They said they were under pressure from their older folks and family to get hitched and were being undermined with kidnapping. They have asked for him to help them secure their future. The two sisters, who held up the objection with the SP, hail from Mahabar Pethal town of Barmer. In their grievance, the two expressed that they were engaged in to Jasaram and Andaram of Lakhwara town in Chauhatan region four years back.

Later, the relatives of grooms have influenced them constantly for marriage. In any case, the two said they were minors and needed to ponder. Four days prior, Satish, an inhabitant of Lakhwara town, had gone to their home alongside someone else called Rajuram and put weight on their mom for marriage, they assist affirmed.