Barefoot running can make you smarter


According to a report by University of North Florida in US, running barefoot is more effective than running in shoes for working memory i.e. the ability to recall and process information. Since working memory is used throughout the life, improving it may help in key areas of your life from school to work to retirement.

“This finding is a great news for the people looking a fun way to boost up their working memory as working memory is increasingly called as a crucial cognitive skill,” said Tracy Alloway, one of the researchers.

The researchers’ analyzed 72 participants aged 18-44 who ran barefoot and also with shoes at a comfortable and self-selected pace for 16 minutes approx. Working memory was recorded before and after running. The results published in the journal Perpetual and Motor Skills found a vital increase of approximately 16 percent in working memory by running barefoot. However no substantial increase recorded by running with shoes.

“If we take off our shoes and run, we can finish smarter than when we started.”