Barack Obama : US had no involvement in Turkey coup attempt


US President Barack Obama has emphatically dismisses reports that the Washington had an earlier information of an overthrow endeavor in Turkey or that it was included in it.

He said that such claims are unequivocally false as America completely bolsters Turkish vote based system.

Reacting to an inquiry, the US President said he had said this in his late discussion with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan moreover.

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"Any reports that we had any past information of an upset endeavor, that there was any US inclusion in it, that we were something besides altogether strong of Turkish majority rule government are totally false, unequivocally false," Obama said here on Saturday.

"I said that to President Erdogan. I said to him that he needs to ensure that he, as well as everyone in his legislature comprehend that those reports are totally false in light of the fact that when bits of gossip like that begin twirling around, that puts our kin at danger on the ground in Turkey and it debilitates what is a basic union and organization between the US and Turkey," Obama included.

"I had an opportunity to converse with President Erdogan this week and repeated what we said from the most punctual reports that an upset was being endeavored in Turkey, and that will be that we emphatically dismiss any endeavor to topple majority rule government in Turkey, that we bolster the justly chose government there," Obama further said.

"I need to be as clear and unequivocal as I can be. We regret the endeavored overthrow. We said so sooner than just in regards to anyone and have been reliable all through that the Turkish individuals merit a legislature that was equitably chosen," Obama opined.

He additionally said that Turkey's solicitation for the removal of US-based pastor Fethullah Gulen, reprimanded by Erdogan for the destructive turmoil, would be taken care of as per US law and that "proof" against Gulen would be considered important.

"What is genuine is that President Erdogan and Turkey have a solid conviction that Gulen – who is in Pennsylvania, a legitimate inhabitant of the United States, is by one means or another behind some of these endeavors. What I said to President Erdogan is the same thing that I would say to you and any other individual who asks, which is we have a procedure here in the US for managing removal demands made by outside governments," he said.

"It's represented by settlements and it's administered by laws. What's more, it is not a choice that I make, yet rather a choice that our Justice Department and examiners and courts make close by my organization in an exceptionally all around organized and well-set up, procedure. So I told President Erdogan that they ought to present us

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with confirmation that they think shows the contribution of Gulen or any other individual who is here in the United States, and it would be handled the way that it is constantly prepared and that we would surely consider any assertions like this important," he noted.

"Be that as it may, America's represented by guidelines of law, and those are not ones that the president of the United States or any other person can simply set aside for convenience, notwithstanding when we are profoundly strong of Turkish majority rule government and notwithstanding when we think profoundly about any endeavors to oust their administration or whatever other unlawful activities. We must experience a lawful procedure," Obama said.