Banswara: 18-yr-old girl set on flames by lover


Jaipur: A dreadful incident occurred in Banswara district on Saturday evening when 18-yr-old girl was ditch by her lover and he afterward set the girl on fire. The mishap occurred in the Sadar police station area and the girl was now fighting for life.

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Police officials further conveyed that when the girl was coming back home, her neighbor passed some vulgar comments and when she opposed, the indicted 23-yr-old Ravi hit her and then put petrol on her and set her on fire.

The girl immediately hurried to the city local hospital in Banswara, where the doctors referred her to a hospital in Udaipur. She is still in critical condition. The girl’s parents and family members registered a complaint against Ravi.

Manish Charan, SHO, Sadar police station also conveyed that after investigation they came to know that they both live in the same locality and had some quarrel that day. Police further added that following the fight, locals nearby heard the shout of the girl.

On hearing that people rushed to the spot and found the girl in flames. The girl has supposed that Ravi put petrol on her, but did not say that he set her on fire.

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The girl parent’s complainted that Ravi had been pestering her for long time and was thrashed when she refused to speak him. Police filed a case and further investigation in the matter is on.