Bangladeshi Robbers arrested In Delhi


NEW DELHI: Three Bangladeshis, including a lady and her child, have been captured here for looting "rich and proficient individuals" on the guise of offering them US dollars, police said on Thursday. Mohammad Farukh, 36, Salma, 48, and her child Ujjal, 27 – all occupants of Madaripur in Bangladesh – were arrested from Geeta Colony in east Delhi.

Clarifying their business as usual, Deputy Commissioner of Police Rishipal said the group would approach potential casualties with a US dollar. They worked for the most part in shopping centers and different spots, focusing on the rich and educated looking people. They had as of late looted a man whom they met at a shopping center of Rs. 80,000.

Mr Rishipal said the posse would present as ignorant people on addition the casualty's certainty. They would demonstrate to him a dollar and ask: "Sir, would you be able to please let me know what this is? We discovered it on the ground… It is safe to say that this is of any quality? "They would say they had around 6,000 all the more such dollars," said the officer.

In the event that the casualty fell for their story, they would arrange an "arrangement" to offer him or her everything the dollars in return for a pitiful measure of Indian cash. The charged would argue that they were in desperate need of cash. "A few casualties consented to purchase the 6,000 dollar charges," the officer said.

"The pack would then charm the casualty to a disengaged spot to trade the money. Rather, they would ransack the casualties, taking without end their cash and resources at firearm or blade point."