Bangladesh zoo keepers have thrown wedding party for two lions


Bangladesh zoo keepers have thrown two lions a wedding party that incorporated a heart-molded meat cake in the trust of drawing genuinely necessary guests and urging the creatures to mate.

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Some 400 visitors went to the gathering weighed down with inflatables on Wednesday for long-lasting occupant and lioness Nova and newcomer Nabha at the Chittagong zoo in the nation's south.

"This is a strange capacity most likely. Furthermore, we endeavored to give a happy look to this zoo with vivid adornments to welcome the union of the lion and lioness," government chairman of Chittagong area Mesbah Uddin told AFP.

"We brought the lion named Badsha, renamed Nabha, from the Rangpur zoo to stay here with the lioness Nova with the end goal of reproducing," Uddin said.

A pre-wedding gathering was additionally held for school kids that incorporated a little show, representative zoo caretaker Monjur Morshed said.

Be that as it may, the highlight of the celebrations was a 10-kilogram (22-pound) cake for the couple made for the most part of meat that included hamburger, chicken, eggs and singed liver, he said.

Nova was conceived in Chittagong zoo somewhere in the range of 11 years back and has been living without a male accomplice for a large portion of that time, until Badsha arrived two weeks prior.

The lions would stay in discrete however nearby confines for an additional three days to give them an opportunity to get used to each other, Morshed said.

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