Bangladesh: Priest Hew to Death


Bangladesh: Police and senior administrative officials conveyed that, on Friday a Hindu pastor was hacked to death at a temple in Bangladesh. A Muslim-majority nation of 160 million people has seen a rush forward in aggressive attacks. Priest named Shri Radhamodon Gopal Moth was lacerate to demise in Jhenaidah district.

 The police are seeking for the assailants who flee the blemish subsequent to the occurrence. The representative in-charge of the quarter police, Hasan Hazijur Rahman, conveyed that, “Shymanondo Das was assembling flowers for adoration when three assailants riding on a motorcycle attacked him with a machete around 6:30 am on Friday." Das was taken to the close to Jhenaidah Sadar Hospital where he was affirmed deceased. On June 10, a Hindu ashram employee was dead in Bangladesh as out on a dawn walk on Friday, four days subsequent to a Hindu priest was killed in alike way. Das's death is the newest in a cord of attacks targeting spiritual minorities in the Muslim-majority nation. There have been at smallest amount 11 killings of the type in excess of the precedent three months.