Bangladesh : Overcrowded Boat capsizes at least 1 dead, 30 missing


An overcrowded ferry carrying nearly 60 people capsized and sank in a river in south-central Bangladesh on Wednesday. A women died and at least 30 people were reported missing during the ioncident.

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While some passengers managed to swim to the shore, others were feared to have drowned in the river Sandhya shortly after the single-tier vessel set off from the town of Banaripara in Barisal district, police said.

A body of an unidentified women was discovered by the rescuers on the operation while dozens of people are still missing and an operation to locate the missing ones is underway.

Low-lying Bangladesh, with extensive inland waterways and slack safety standards, has an appalling record of ferry accidents, with casualties sometimes running into the hundreds.

Boat accidents are frequent in Bangladesh, through which some of the worlds mightiest rivers – the Brahmaputra and the Padma – flows.In February last year, 69 people died in central Bangladesh in a boat mishap.

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